Metamorphosis Exhibition 2016 © Artmoorhouse Gallery, London


 London – Artmoorhouse presented the interesting “Μεταμόρφωσις: Beyond Shapes”, a collective exhibition of Greek artists only.

The exhibition catalogue opens with the phrase: “Art is the free motion, an intuitive response to the reality in which it finds expression, of which it is the expression.” Philosophy is complicated and the concept adopted for this show is difficult as well.

The point is metamorphosis implies changes. A widely used concept, metamorphosis comes from biology and it is a process by which an animal physically develops after birth. As a topic it has been extensively adopted by any sort of art and expressed by using all media.

Metamorphosis is keen to another philosophical concept ‘Panta rei’, which means ‘Everything flows’. Heraclitus firstly expressed it, meaning that there is a constant movement in every aspect of life. Becoming is, according to Heraclitus, the essence of ‘Being’, because everything is subject to time and transformation.

Also quantum physics confirm it and it has been proven scientifically. Even what seems static to sensory perception in reality is dynamic and constantly changing. Everything we consider solid and composed of matter, as it can be a chair, an apple, or a human being, it consists in infinitely small atoms which are vibrating to a certain frequency: so there is movement.

In this sense the exhibition Μεταμόρφωσις: Beyond Shapes” present a common point between artistic and philosophical intuition concepts - but also physics and science should be added – look beyond the convenience of ordinary perspectives.

The logic of identity does not allow that one thing can be another, but at the Artmoorhouse exhibition it is art that captures this process, in its many different forms.

But not everyone is able to recognize this movement. Only a few could be awake, those who can recognize the common law of the nature, the others, the dormant, living in a dream, they are prisoners of the opposition, the struggle, the conflict, unable to rise to the unity of all.

Contemporary artistic practice has a tendency of be stick to reality conceptualizations avoiding abstracts. “Μεταμόρφωσις: Beyond Shapes” exhibition presents five artists whose work is an attempt to align the whole of non-representation with archetypes, which in this case lie not in the world of objects but in the sphere of philosophy and non-existence.

All Greek, the artists are Anna Antarti; Theodore Chronis; Vassiliki Koskiniotou; Konstantinos Mihalos; and Zacharias Papantoniou.

The composition of the work of Anna Antarti consists in vertical direction and shape, reflecting a powerful dynamic quality, in large scale canvasses with minimalistic elements.

Theodore Chronis considers himself a figurative painter with an understanding of limitations and loopholes of figuration and of painting in general.

Vassiliki Koskiniotou uses the ladder, the spiral and the helix as a leitmotif for his work, and to represent the female form or to suggest the double helix of life and creation nodding to the erotic aspect of it.

The caged figures of Konstantinos Mihalos symbolize modern man entrapment on a psychological but also social and cultural level. In its work he represents his own reflections on philosophy, spiritual and social concepts.

Rich in colour and texture, the work of Zacharias Papantoniou has an individual tone that uses contemporary visual language of multiple references and influences and it is focused on the artist’s personal internal concerns and reflection.

The exhibition “Μεταμόρφωσις: Beyond Shapes” was curated by Elisa Martinelli (Artmoorhouse, London, UK) and Avra Alevropoulou (Malou Art Consulting, Athens, Greece).

At the Artmoorhouse, “Μεταμόρφωσις: Beyond Shapes” run from 2nd June until 1st July 2016 Moor house, 120 London Wall, London, EC2 Y5ET.