David Franchi – Thursday, 3rd December 2015.

Fiumano art gallery, LondonThe Fiumano Projects new art gallery space near King’s Cross, London, had a successful opening.

The Fiumano art gallery was packed with people and much participated, with people even spread in the corridors of the business centre.

After 15 years in art business, Francesca Fiumano had to move the gallery from the previous location in Connaught Street, due to the rise of the price of the rents that in general is affecting London.

Everybody knows London is badly affected by high rents and gentrification phenomenon. The impossibility to have a decent rent is harming even businesses which are forced to relocate, and move from their locations in central London.

Fiumano Gallery had to pass through this experience, but luckily found this alternative place in the Wren Street Business Community centre, near King’s Cross.

On last 27th October, Fiumano presented the new space with a group show, an opening with the numerous artists the gallery represents. The atmosphere was festive and the art was fresh and new.

On display, different works of Sam Burford, Tindár, Beth Nicholas, Nicole Wassall, Michel Ajestejn, Takefumi Hori, Tanya Tier, Roger Holtom, Mementoes of Civilization, Anti-social Networking Device, Bad Looser, and Be careful what you wish for.

Fiumano Projects and the sister gallery Fiumano Fine Art represent artists from around the world who works with an extensive assortment of media and on different subjects. The opening show has confirmed their diversity and multifaceted abilities.

Friendly Francesca Fiumano has been on the business for many years, and opened her first gallery in 2001. She is graduated in History of Art at Reading University with a First Class Honors. A part from the galleries, she also provides a range of other services like consultancy, installation, evaluation of artworks.

A new gallery opening always represents an enhancement for the local community and in general. Artists have the opportunity for significant advancement of their careers. It is a particular business that can give more in terms of fall out on the territory.

For this reason, we wish good luck to Fiumano galleries and their future projects.

New galleries Fiumano Projects and Fiumano Fine Art are at 21 Wren Street, King’s Cross, London.