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The Music of Colour – Art Moor House

by David Franchi, 13th November 2011

“Enthralling exhibiton at the Art MoorHouse

“The music of colour” is an enthralling exhibition at the Art MoorHouse, Moorgate, London. While just around the corner the sleepers of the Occupy London movement are demonstrating, Maria Ines Aguirre entertained guests at the opening of her lovely solo exhibition. Maria Ines Aguirre, also known as Mia, has had numerous solo shows and her works are held in worldwide collections.

Stepping inside the stunning Moor House building the exhibition is just at the entrance. This unique space in the heart of the City often hosts exhibitions. Designed by Norman Foster, in fact, the Moor House is the setting for a powerful mix between visual art, business and architecture.

The Music of Colour” is a collection of Aguirre works focused on the study of colours. Starting from the silence of her ‘Bianco’ to the melody of the ‘Sound of my voice’, the exhibition is a path through Mia’s studies on the connections between material, colour and sound.

The use of colour is amazing. Maria Ines Aguirre works with very expensive colours. Results are superb. Inspired by Mirò, at least in a couple of pieces, her paintings have often a blue background that blends with other basics particularly yellow. Mia brings the harmony of music together with colours and materials.

The texture of her works perfectly sounds like the one of a musical piece although unspecified. Therefore, when looking at Mia paintings you can connect them with many kinds of music. You could try to imagine which melody should have been used in the making of them – and the emotions behind.

Maria Ines Aguirre – MIA © LondonArtReviews.com

Born in Northern Argentina, Maria Ines Aguirre studied Fine Arts. Mia was born amid the majestic rivers, lush vegetation and red earth of Mesopotamia, Entre Rios, but grew up in the north of Argentina, surrounded by the mountains Juyuy, Salta and Tucuman. She gave her first solo show aged 6 and won several national painting competitions before graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Tucuman.

After working as assistant to the print maker Bruno Janello in Buenos Aires, she won a scholarship to the Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia, where she studied under Fabrizio Plessi. She then set up her studio at the Certosa di Vigodarzere near Padova, and in 1993 moved to London (where she lives and work) following her life-changing solo show at the Durini Gallery in 1991.

Mia has exhibited in Europe, America and the Far East and her works are held in collections in the USA, South America, Asia and Europe. Recent commissions include paintings for London Design Week and the painting of two life-size elephant sculptures for a public exhibition about environment. In 2010, Mia was artist in residence at Steinway & Sons, London. She displayed at the Royal Botanic Gardens during the Edinburgh Festival. Mia currently has a solo show in Ronda, Spain, until the end of November 2011. She is now preparing 2012 solo shows in Hong Kong and Buenos Aires.

Showing from 11th November 2011 until 6th January 2012 at Art Moor House, 120 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5ET.