David Franchi – Monday, 8th February 2016.

London Art Fair 2016The London Art Fair 2016 outcome is a great success. For its 2016 edition, the art fair was at the Islington Business Design Centre,London.

A leader event for Modern British and contemporary art, London Art Fair 2016 has presented 126 UK and international galleries. It brought together interesting and new ideas.

At its 28th edition, London Art Fair 2016 organised an interesting survey about the future of the art market. It was conducted among the exhibiting galleries. It revealed that 85% are confident that the art market will remain strong or fare better in 2016. The galleries expect the market should be stimulated by a growing number of people interested in buying art and increasing sales to international collectors. However, many galleries are worried about rising rents and business rates affecting the UK’s competitiveness in a global art market.

The Jerwood Gallery from Hastings was the museum partner for the 2016. It organized the exhibition Coast, displaying significant works drawn from the Jerwood Collection, including Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, John Piper, John Tunnard, and Christopher Wood. Curated by Liz Gilmore (Director, Jerwood Gallery) and Lara Wardle (Curator, Jerwood Gallery), Coast illustrated how the British coastline through its astonishing light influenced the artists hosted by the Jerwood Collection.

London Art fair 2016 presented ‘Dialogues’ a section of the Art Projects. Curated by Natasha Hoare Dialogues is focused on promoting a community of emerging international galleries. It featured collaborations between invited UK and international gallery partners. The five collaborations were: Copperfield (London) & NEST (The Hague); Division of Labour (Worcester) & NOME (Berlin); l’Étrangerè (London) & Base-Alpha Gallery (Antwerp); The RYDER (London) & All together Now (Rotterdam); and TJ Boulting (London) & Leslie (Berlin).

Another interesting section was Photo50, in an exhibition entitled ‘Feminine Masculine: On the Struggle and Fascination of Dealing with the Other Sex’. Curated by Federica Chiocchetti, founding director of the photo-literary platform Photocaptionist, it was freely inspired to the masterwork film ‘Masculin Féminin’, (1966) by Jean-Luc Godard. Photo50 was supported by Genesis Imaging.

The 24,528 people visiting London Art Fair were a sign that 2016 would be another robust art market year for the UK. Notable sales were reported across both Modern British and international contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, photography, video art and ceramics.

The London Art Fair 2016 was at the Islington Business Design Centre, London, from 20 until 24 January.