David Burlak – Sunday, 8th November 2015.

Points of View exhibition, Camden, London  © JakBox

Points of View exhibition, Camden, London © JakBox

Points of View” exhibition presents urban landscapes of Camden, London, as a work of art. There is an interactive online map. Users can share their own point of view. The project started with JakBox’s webapp. It focus on the theme of better living in urban areas. It has links with Psycogeography.

Opened the 24th September 2015, Points of View exhibition has been inaugurated with a lunch party at Koko which overlooks Cobden Junction, and Mornington Crescent Tube station, in Camden, London.

The Cobden Junction of Camden, London, is the location of the exhibition, which consists in collecting the people points of view about the area.

By walking around Camden, it is possible to follow an interactive online map that guides to contradictory scenes, but nevertheless in familiar environments. It encourages sharing what the user can see, his feelings, basically his own ‘point of view’. Any point of view is subjective. Therefore, a single person gesture or gaze is different from the one of another.

The project “Points of View” started when Simon Williams, founder of JakBox, designed a webapp to share viewpoints he found of the town.

After the app, the project received a commission from the Camden Council, Camden Town Unlimited and Greater London Authority.

JakBox encourages discovering Camden as a living collage of materials and movement. It provides a series of physical positions from which it is possible to view characteristics of this collage. The positions are each marked by a yellow cross on the pavement, corresponding to the interactive map, and showing where to stand and focus, all giving an artist’s viewpoint on the location.

Each point of view constantly changes. It happens by effect of the weather, the time of day and the intensity of movement, but also the personal situation. It is important to catch the flowing.

Therefore, to portray the stream of this urban landscape, JakBox went interactive. There is the possibility to share personal photographs and thoughts of each view. Every month JakBox choose a new Point of View from people suggestions.

“Points of Views” exhibition is an art project that deals with the most significant challenges we face today, that require cities to confirm their pledge to realise better living conditions in urban areas for all.

Nowadays, particularly big city like London are relocating in the knowledge economy. On average, they use physical workspace with cultural, technology and R&D facilities. Sustainable growth strategies are committed to design development path towards a model that works with fewer resources and achieve higher levels of growth. The gist of any inclusive growth is that they should be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable, which means to be inclusive of all parts of society.

A significant link of Points of View can be made with the work of British film-maker, writer and lecturer Patrick Keiller, who is part of the Psychogeography movement, a subfield of geography. It deals with the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals.

The interactive aspects of “Points of Views” exhibition make art open to common people, conveying their ideas into a special gallery environment of daily urban world. It is possible to contribute, following the JakBox internet website, blog or their social media.

The exhibition on urban ladscapes “Points of Views” is at the Leyas Cafe, Camden, London, from 2nd October until 30th November 2015.