Jack Newhouse – Sunday, 17th May 2015.

*Amended on 4th june 2015.

Culture Key free app iTunesCulture Key is an emerging free app for the art lovers of London. It is well known that London offers art and culture in abundance and this free app is the key to find out the best information.

Released in June last year, Culture Key is already a successful app with thousands of downloads from iTunes, where it has a very high rating.

“This is one of the things I love most about living here. The number of high quality museums and private galleries putting on hundreds of exhibitions each year is unique” Thomas Anselmino, Founder at Culture Key, said.

In the art and culture environment of London, it can be difficult to wade through the overwhelming information available. Therefore, it can be time consuming to discover what currently is on display. Usually, there is the need to check the numerous newsletters received from the many museums and galleries, or to look through their websites.

The Culture Key app makes it easy and fun to quickly discover the art opportunities available in London. This app is very easy to use and it has a captivating design and graphic aspect.

For exhibitions, Culture Key is especially helpful, as it allows the user to browse through images, so to have more accurate information. Filters can be set by popularity and to locate nearby art events, concerts, theatre plays, festivals, and even walks.

Featured by Apple as ‘Best New App’, Culture Key can be downloaded in the App Store only. Thomas Anselmino explains: “Right now it’s on iPhone only. We have plans to release an Android version and a website later this year.”

To find out the best art events in London, Culture Key is an unmissable free app.